Bissell Sweep & Steam


bissell sweep and steam reviewsWhen looking at the Bissell Steam and Sweep reviews, most customers overall were very pleased with their purchase. However, around 30% were not happy at all, which is quite a big dissatisfaction rate. Were they expecting too much, or does the Bissell Sweep and Steam just not measure up to the task?

One of the biggest complaints of floor steamers is that they only steam – they don’t pick up any debris, like dog hair and dirt. And this was the problem the Bissell Steam and Sweep hard floor cleaner addresses. Most people who own a floor steamer LOVE the way it sanitizes the floor, and the look and feel of the floor afterwards. BUT, many don’t like the fact that they need to first sweep or vacuum first before steaming. This Bissell product has a built-in vacuum at the front and a user-activated steamer behind the brushes/vacuum.

Seems like a match made in heaven, right? Yes and no. Although fabulous in theory, it seems there are still a few flaws in the design. But first, let’s review the machine.

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Features of the Bissell Sweep & Steam

  • Sanitizes with no chemicals – uses regular tap water
  • Sweep before sanitizing, all in one step; one machine
  • Steam on-demand trigger
  • Water filter
  • 2 re-useable microfiber mop pads included
  • Detachable water tank
  • 30 ft power cord
  • Maneuverable swivel head
  • 2 year limited warranty


bissell sweep and steam reviews of the head

  • Chemical free- great for the environment and your home; very important if you have allergy sufferers at home
  • Long power cord enables you to clean very large areas easily
  • Maneuverable swivel head allows you to get under cabinets and around furniture easily
  • Re-useable microfiber pads cuts down on expense of disposable pads – good for your wallet and the environment
  • Water filter keeps water deposits from forming and damaging your cleaner
  • Removable water tank makes filling easy.


  • Having to use a water filter means another expense in replacing them. Other steam cleaners don’t need water filters because they do not have the water actually touching the heating coils.
  • Steam on-demand trigger means that you must keep this trigger pressed in to produce steam. While a nice idea, in case you want to just sweep with it, when trying to steam and sanitize a large area, this actually gets rather tiresome and annoying. An on/off switch for the steam would have been a better option.
  • Most people who did not like this floor steamer were not satisfied with the sweeper portion. Most felt like it just didn’t get up enough dirt. This is especially problematic when you have the steam on and debris is left behind. Many people ended up using just the sweeper with a microfiber pad on to sweep the floor and get dust up with the pad, then replace the pad and redo the floor with just the steamer (which kind of defeats the purpose).

Important Design Flaw

A flaw that most customers (both supporters and critics) have is that by having the sweeper in front, you have a good 3 inch or so gap from the front of the machine to the steamer portion. This means you can’t steam all the way to the baseboards, where much of the germs, debris and dirt collect.

Overall, the Bissell Steam and Sweep reviews were positive. But if you have floors that get very dirty or a lot of pet hair, you may do better with a dedicated sweeper and a dedicated floor steamer.