Carpet Steam Cleaners

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General Information

Even though they are traditionally called carpet steam cleaners, they aren’t really steam cleaners at all. The terms they technically are, WWE, or warm water extraction, and some even use HWE, or hot water extraction. What this means is that the machines are actually not producing steam to clean, like a steam cleaner, but use solutions (most are chemical based, some are natural) with warm or hot water to actually do the cleaning.

Differences Between Regular Steam Cleaners and Carpet Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners Steam Carpet Cleaners
Use high temp/low water content steam to sanitize X
Use solutions to clean (chemical or natural) X
Leaves chemical residue on carpet X
Vacuums up any solution and debris X
Uses brushes to agitate carpet to release stain X


Which Kind Do People Prefer

There are pros and cons to steam carpet cleaners verses regular steam cleaners, and it really boils down to a matter of preference. People who love steam cleaners tout about how they are not using any chemicals and are able to kill all kinds of bacteria and insects, such as dust mites. Killing the bacteria leaves the carpet smelling fresher. Destroying bacteria and insects also helps considerably with allergy sufferers. They also like the fact that the carpet doesn’t get saturated and take a long time to dry.

On the other hand, many people like the deep cleaning that steam carpet cleaners provide. They like the fact that the carpet shampoo gets worked into the carpet fibers and is then vacuumed back up, with all the dirt and debris it loosens. They also like it that this is done in one step, as compared to the floor steam cleaners, which must use one device to steam the carpet, and then go back over it with a vacuum cleaner. Many people also prefer home carpet steam cleaners over regular steam cleaners if they have large areas of carpet to clean – like wall to wall.

The fact is, most people prefer carpet steam cleaners to clean their carpet over floor steam cleaners. They feel they are getting a deeper clean, and in many times, it is easier to do. Some floor steam cleaners don’t seem to glide over the carpet very well, and it is just an extra step with having to go vacuum the carpet afterward. Actually, it is recommended to vacuum before using a floor steam cleaner, and then again after.