Floor Steamer Reviews


Bissell Steam Mop Select Haan SI-60 Select
Multi Level Steamer
Hoover Enhanced Clean
Disinfecting Steam Mop
bissell steam mop select haan si 60 select multi level steamer hoover enhanced clean disinfecting steam mop
$79 USD $127 USD $99 USD

Top 3 Steam Mop Comparison Chart

Steam Mop
Steam Mop
Steam Mop
Cord Length 18 ft 25 ft 30 ft
Multiple Steam Vents 6 15 3
Steam Mop Head Shape rectangle rectangle triangle
Heat Up Time 30 sec 20 sec 30 sec
# of Cleaning Pads 2 2 3
Removable Water Tank yes yes yes

Top 3 Steam Mops by Consumer Choice

After examining many different brands of floor steamers, the top 3 floor steamers are the Bissell Steam Mop Select, the Haan SI-60 Steam Mop, and the Hoover Enhanced Clean Disinfecting Steam Mop.

All were very comparable to each other, with many of the same features. However, the Hoover Enhanced Clean Disinfecting Steam Mop allowed people to add a cleaner to their steamer. While some owners liked this idea, others didn’t use it because of the chemicals in the cleaner. Some owners also thought the Hoover cleaning products were a little expensive. The idea behind the additional cleaning products is that if steam is not left on the bacteria for a long enough period of time (several seconds) then you don’t kill it. In other words, when steaming to disinfect, you need to move the steamer VERY slowly to ensure bacteria is killed. This is true of ALL floor steamers, not just the Hoover.