Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop


Hoover Twin Tank steam mop reviews

Hoover created a floor steamer, called the TwinTank Steam Mop, that allows you to use just water for traditional steam cleaning, or the option to add their one proprietary, 100% biodegradable, cleaning solution to help get your floors even cleaner. An adjustable control lets you determine how much, if any, of the cleaning solution to sue. This steam mop is great for everyday cleaning of hard floors and can be used on laminate, tile, vinyl, sealed stone, and hardwood.

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Features of the Hoover Steam Mop

hoover steam mop


  • TwinTank™ Technology – allows you to keep the Hoover 100% biodegradable formula cleaning solution and water separate for total control
  • Disinfect with steam alone or with Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution – you decide
  • Triangular swivel mop head lets you pivot and maneuver into tight corners and along baseboards
  • “Steam Ready” Indicator LED – alerts you when the steamer is ready for use
  • Includes a carpet glider so you can easily refresh rugs and carpet
  • Long 30-foot power cord so you can clean more areas of their home without re-plugging

hoover steam mop reviews


  • Must steam for several seconds to kill bacteria if not using the optional cleaning solution
  • Must hold in trigger for steam
  • Getting extra cleaning solution gets expensive
  • Can only use Hoover cleaning solution

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