Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaners

While some steam cleaners are geared toward one area, like carpet steam cleaners, a multi purpose steam cleaner has many accessories and attachments that allow it to be a more universal steam cleaner. Now with this versatility comes more complaints about performance. Basically, the more dedicated the steamer, the better the results. So you really need to evaluate your own needs, and pick the home steam cleaner that best fits your situation.

Multi purpose steam cleaners are generally a lot like the portable or hand-held steamers for cleaning, but with much more power, longer steam times, and more expensive. Most units have a separate base unit that easily rolls around (which is why it is also called a canister steam cleaner), and an extension hose that you can use to blast dirt and grime away, or attach a rigid pole to use as a floor steamer. So if you just want a general cleaner that can clean your entire house, a multi function steam cleaner may be what you need. If you are primarily looking at just cleaning all you hard floor surfaces, then dedicated floor steamers will work best for you. Finally, if you are looking at small areas to clean, then the hand-held is probably what you really want.


Of course, it goes without saying, that the best multi function home steam cleaner will cost several hundreds to a thousand plus dollars, and you tend to get what you pay for. While the Ladybug, which is a true work horse, is over the thousand dollar mark, you can get a decent general steamer for around $100 to $200. Will it be the powerhouse like the more expensive ones? No! But for what most of us need (average type cleaning), they do the job well.

What They Clean

As the name implies, these units clean several types of surfaces and are used in a variety of ways. While they are versatile, they don’t get the rave reviews the dedicated floor or carpet steam cleaners get, although, most reviews are much better than the hand-held cleaners.

Multi-Purpose vs Floor Steamers

Unlike the floor cleaners, these types of units are better suited for cleaning grout and bathrooms and kitchens as you can really direct the steam into the exact spot you want it. Most come with a floor head attachment and the majority of the customers are pleased with the results on their hard floor surfaces. But going beyond floors, customers use these to clean ovens, stoves, sinks, tire wheels, and even baseboards. Some people even use these units to clean their outside stone decks and grills. Most come with a squeegee for super clean windows.

Multi-Purpose vs. Hand-held Steamers

Two major advantages of the multi-purpose steam cleaners compared to the hand-held units is that they have longer hoses and you don’t have to squeeze/hold the trigger for steam. Longer hoses allow you to get into tighter places, while not having to hold a steam trigger is essential if you are doing long projects. Most people who said they didn’t think they would mind holding and squeezing the steam trigger on the hand-held units came back and said that it really is a pain on long cleaning projects.

Overall, if you want to do general cleaning using steam, the multi purpose steam cleaner is probably your best bet. You can get some real workhorses for around $800-$1400, or a regular household cleaner for around $150. Just don’t expect the low end steamers to compare with the high end ones.


Top Rated Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

< $200 Range

  • Wagner 915 & 905
  • Haan Multi Purpose Steamer (Haan MS-30)
  • SteamFast
  • McCulloch

$200 – $1,000 Range

  • Vapamore
  • LadyBug 2105S Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

> $1,000

  • Ladybug 2200S Steamer w/ TANCS, Continuous Fill
  • Ladybug XLT 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaner