Shark Vac-then-Steam Mop Reviews


shark steam-then-vac reviewsAmong the top 3 of the sweep-and-steam types units is the Shark Vac-then-Steam, model MV2010. While the other Shark steamer products get pretty good reviews, they don’t match Hoover, Haan, and Bissell.

But this Shark unit is a definite contender in this category. Where this unit really shines is in its sweeping capacity, the main thing most people complained about in other units. Where it fell short was is in the amount of steam it produces.

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Top 5 Shark Steam Vac MV2010 Features

shark sweep and steam picking up debris

  • Large mop pad
  • Strong vacuum picks up large and small debris
  • Do not have to hold trigger to activate steam
  • Swivel head included for easy maneuvering
  • Ready to steam in 30 seconds

User Reviews

Top 3 Qualities Of The Shark Vac-N-Steam

  • Easy to manuever
  • Vacuum/suction is very strong
  • Floors dry quickly

Worse 3 Qualities Of The Shark Vac-then-Steam

  • Distance between steam and sweeper means not all floor gets sanitized (although this is a problem on all steam and sweep products)
  • Doesn’t keep a high level of constant steam
  • Not great at cleaning around edges and corners

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