Steam And Sweep Cleaners

HAAN HD-60 Duo
Sweeper and Floor Steamer
Shark MV2010 Vac-Then-Steam
Hard Floor Cleaning System
Bissell Steam & Sweep
Hard Floor Cleaner
Haan duo steam floor cleaner Shark vac then steam mop reviews Bissell Steam and Sweep floor cleaner
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The biggest complaint users have with floor steamers is that while it does get some dirt up with the cleaning pads that are attached to the steam head, it doesn’t pick up debris (ie. dust bunnies, large amount of dog hair, basically anything bigger than dirt). Either sweeping before, after, or both, is the only way to get really dirty floors both sanitized and cleaned.

This is where the Steam and Sweep cleaners come in. The vacuum and steam unit are in one device with these units. And while each brand has its drawbacks, they also tend to do a rather good job at fulfilling this particular niche.

Steam and Sweep cleaners are relatively new to the marketplace, and as such, have certain problems that will eventually be worked out. They will probably replace the standard floor steamers. The biggest complaint among all Steam and Sweep cleaners is that they don’t maneuver around corners very well and don’t get to the edges, but that is all part of the design problems with integrating a vacuum with a steamer. These seem to be best for quick clean-ups rather than a good, deep cleaning.